In today’s economic times, more and more people are finding it harder to pay their bills and get through the month on just their regular pay check. Financial problems crop up when you least expect it and home owners are especially feeling the effects of the difficult economy. Should you be 21 years or older and a Singapore permanent resident who is employed, then you are able to participate in the wonderful off of a payday Loan Singapore online.

It is as simple as filling in an application form. This will then be verified and all required documents submitted will need to be confirmed as accurate. Once all particulars have been verified, you will be required to sign your payday loan contract and then sit back and await your cash pay-out.

If you haven’t yet, create a SingPass Login. Do remember though that your SingPass account has all your personal information. You should not share your log in details or token one-time passwords with anyone.

  1. For people who earn a salary or work on commission there are things that you need to include in your application. These include your Identification card, your SingPass login, a current proof of residential address, latest 3-month original payslips and a letter confirming your employment.
  2. For people that are self-employed, they need to include their Identification card, their SingPass login, a notice of assessment showing their trade income, Accounting/Corporate Regulatory Authority and a current proof of residential address.
  3. For people that are Taxi drivers, they need to include their identification card, their vocational license and taxi pass, a 7-day job summary and a current proof of their residential address.

For that unexpected bill, a festive occasion or if you simply running low on cash, an inexpensive payday loan will help to bridge the gap for you. The Payday Loan Singapore Online offers a fast and handy loan that helps for the difficult times.